PRO-VCut & PRO-CombiCut

Application Areas

Most economical method of large-scale excavation and sizing of Stone into perfectly sized product with a high production rate. The uniaxial compressive strength of stones upto 35 MPa can be excavated using this method. The method of cutting leveled surface has easy logistics and high production rate thus reducing the overall cost of excavation and sizing.

Hydraulic Drive

Hydraulic system to operate traction system and also control depth of cut for both the vertical and horizontal cutter operation. Easy controls for all hydraulic operations with mobile section valves and easy flow controls.


Rail mounted guide design for perfectly straight cut surfaces. Easy installation and movement of guide rails on leveled surface for continuous production of cut bricks. Rugged design of frame to withstand high cutting forces. Seamless variation of cutting speeds for wide range of stone types. Drive element-sealing systems for enhanced life of driveline elements.

Operator Comfort

The well-arranged instrument panel has integrated control elements with great visibility of cutting surfaces and easy operation. Guards for cutter blades for safe operation while cutting.

Operating weight 1250 kg3800 kg
Overall Height1650 mm2250 mm
Overall width 950 mm2200 mm
Overalll Length2200 mm4270 mm
Cutter type Disk type (Carbide/ Diamond)Disk type (Carbide/ Diamond)
Cutter Diameter (vertical cutter)1000 mm900 mm
Number of cutters2 Nos.2 Nos.
Electric drive motor specification35kW @ 880 RPM22 kW @ 1000 RPM
Type of Starting SystemStar delta starting systemStar delta starting system
Depth of Cut TotalNA350 mm
Cutter Diameter (Horizontal Cutter)NA900 mm
Number of Cutters NA2 Nos.
Electric Drive Motor Specification NA30 kW @ 1000 RPM
Hydraulic Drive Electric Motor2.6 lpm @ 1440 RPM2.6 cc/rev @ 1440 RPM
Pump type and capacityGear Pump Gear Pump
Track Drive typeHydraulic MotorHydraulic Motor
Braking systemSpring Applied Hydraulic releaseSpring Applied Hydraulic release
Cutting Speed capacity4040

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Proquip Technologies - Stone Cutter
Proquip Technologies - Stone Cutter