TL - 160

The Tunnel Loader TL-160 is engineered to perform in the toughest conditions. The model is designed to work in tunnels of 3.5 meters height with the highest productivity in its class. The machine is ruggedly built with the highest quality materials and quality processes.

The components are designed for best in class reliability and service life in the worst operating conditions.

The machine is highly adaptable with two drive options with all electric and diesel engine driven hydraulics. Electric drive is for emission free working inside the tunnel and diesel engine drive for travelling, working underground or surface without electric power supply.

The machine is equipped with load sensing hydraulics for maximum efficiency while working and the right power delivery. The operation is through multifunction pilot control hydraulic joy sticks. Open operator FOPS cab with protective front guard: Key switch, emergency stop, horn, light switches, drive selector, start / stop for electrical motor and Diesel engine. The lighting system is powered by a 24V DC system.

Chain conveyor with apron feeding,. The conveyor structure is built with wear resistant steel. 2 high torque hydraulic motors drive the twin chain, linked with flights.

TL - 160
Dual drive configuration
Electro-hydraulic and diesel hydraulic power packs with independent variable pumps
Sl no.SpecificationComponent specification
Electric drive for emission-free work at the face
1Air colled electric motor440 Volt, 3 phase, 50 Hz, 4 poles, 55 KW at 1480 rpm
Diesel Engine Drive
1Diesel engine5.9 to 125 hP/93 KW @ 2200rpm with fly wheel mounted PTO
2Cooling system - water cooled
3Air intake system with pre-cleaner
Electrical system
1PLC based control system
1Control voltage230 V - 24 V DC
2Insulation classIP65
3Cable reel hydraulically driven for 85 m cable(3x120)+(3x25) mm 2
Operator's cab
1FOPS ready with all-round visibility
2Roof foldable for transport
3Ergonomic operator console with hydraulic pilot joystick control
Hydraulic system
1Axial piston variable double pump with both drives (diesel + electrical)
2Hydraulic pilot control joysticks for boom and travel function
3Maximum hydraulic operating pressure300 bar
4Sandwich oil cooler with radiator
5Variable travel drive
6Hydraulic oil capacity350 l
7System capacity460 l
8Conveyor hydraulic driveLow Speed, High Torque Motor
9Conveyor chain
10Breaking load80 tons
11Conveyor capacityapprox 350 m 3 /h
12Conveyor width (internal)800 mm
13Conveyor height (internal)650 mm
14Conveyor discharge height2500-3500 mm
Traction system
1Maximum TE224 kN
3Slow march/Fast march modes
4Track gauge1900
5Track length2800 mm
6Grouzer pad width350 mm
Operating data
1Machine width2450 mm
2Machine height3650 mm
3Transport height3350 mm
4Length (depending on conveyor)approx 10500 mm
5Width of loading apron (adjust.)2350 - 3450 mm
6Operating weightApprox 15000 kg
Boom equipment
Boom equipiment for loading of soft ground or blasted material includes
1King post with jib and dipper stick
2Excavation and mucking basket, width 600 - 1200 mm
3Hydraulic circuit for a hydraulic rock breaker
4Loading capacity according to rock conditionsApprox 4 - 10 m 3 /min

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Proquip Technologies - Tunnel Loader - TL-160
Proquip Technologies - Tunnel Loader - TL-160