Satvik Aqua

Redefining Drinking Water! Affordable and natural nutrient water for all with state of the art technology in processing drinking water.

Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

We use wide range of processes custom engineered for various applications including Raw Water treatment, Chemical feed, Ion Exchange processes, Membrane filtration processes and various other mechanical filtration processes. We can provide optimal solutions to industries for their water treatment needs.

Potable Water Treatment Solutions

We work with state of the art technologies available for treating surface and ground water. The raw water available from any source can be converted to potable water by offering the right combination of filtration technologies, which are cost effective for installation and maintenance. We work with capacities exceeding one million liters per day potable water supply projects. We aim to provide healthy safe bacteria free, chemical free potable water for citizens. Please contact us for solutions to specific applications.

Water Recycling Solutions

We offer solutions to water recycling for various applications where water recycling module can be integrated with the present working plant. We work with the full range of reclaiming technologies to remove bio solids, organics, suspended particles, dissolved solids, pathogens etc. We offer tailor made solutions to your particular application to ensure maximum water recovery.