Water in its liquid crystalline phase create a geometric pattern similar to the molecular pattern in a solid quartz crystal. Although the molecules remain mobile, they move together as a coherent “whole.” Water in this state has many amazing properties which enhance life supporting functions and it acts a carrier of life supporting energy in a organized form. This water is referred to as living water.

There are various forces of nature and natural phenomenon which brings water to its most pristine form example Movement (vortices), Electromagnetic fields and other forms of gentle organizing energy, Mineral ions (salts). Sound and light (nature’s music) which combine in various combinations to give natural spring water the pristine properties we know of.

It has been established scientifically that water in human bodies at its infant stage is in the most coherent organized form. The tiny electromagnetic fields in the human body helps to keep the water organized in its liquid crystalline form. The flow of energy through an organized matrix also supports its organization. Nature uses a combination of forces to establish this coherence.

Vortex is nature’s creative tool to gather or diperse energy as required. The vortex accelerates the molecules to a a large extent and acts as a gateway between levels of energy. The self organizing forces is a significant factor to create coherence in water.

Satvik Aqua technology harnesses this natural phenomenon to bring water back to its pristine state.

The deteriorating quality of ground water is of great concern in India. Contamination found in the drinking water cover a broad range of physical, chemical (Organic & Inorganic), and Bacteriological parameters. According to recently published articles, the content of fluoride is very high in drinking water and milk (produced is Karnataka). Fluoride and Nitrates, by levels and trends, are the primary monitoring concerns for aquifers in agriculture, industrialized and grossly polluted areas. According to WHO, 80% of the diseases in human beings is caused by unsafe drinking water.

The solution to today’s problems is to use state of the art technology to promote healthy and safe drinking water at a cost, which is affordable to all

Satvik Aqua brings technology, which is state of the art, affordable and highly adaptive to different user and operating requirements in India today. It removes the contaminants from ground, surface, lake, brackish or even seawater to provide healthy water well within safety levels of WHO specifications to improve health of humans and animals.

Revitalized Satvik Aqua has various health benefits, it detoxifies your body, leads to better nutrient absorption, heightened immune function, better mental clarity, better athletic performance and so on.

Satvik Aqua uses unique technology from Germany to revitalize any water resource to great tasting, bacteria free; oxygen rich energized water for all.

  • State of the art Plug and Play Containerized water treatment plant with lowest operating costs. Highest yield in class.
  • Unique Patented Purification processes to process brackish water to pure natural mineral spring water.
  • Capacities from 250 lph to 5000 lph.
  • Water from virtually any source, even with high suspended matter, organic content etc can be converted to pure drinking water.
  • Fluoride filtration, Iron and Manganese content filtration with unique processes.
  • Mobile plug and play plant, suitable for various applications for Bottled Water, Healthcare industry, Corporate Offices, Rural drinking water supply, Project sites, Disaster Management etc.
 SATVIK AQUAGreat Advantages!!
Machine features
Type of water purifierSkid Mounted
Raw water pump
Storage capacity2000 l-5000l**External Storage Tank
Specifications of plant
Type of Water SourceBore well water.
Can handle even Brackish Water.
Maximum Flow Rate1200 l/h-5500l/h
Average Flow Rate1000 l/h-5000l/h
Inlet TDS<4000 ppm
Permeate TDS<150 ppm
Pure Water Recovery % 0.85
Rejection of SaltsUp to 97%
Methods of purification
Number of purification stages6
Filtration StagesHydro-cyclone*, Particulate Filter (Activated magnesite filter), Electronic membrane life enhancer, RO membrane, Mineralization filter, UV purification system, Ozone generator.*Hydro-cyclone technology to filter up to 5 micron in the pre-filtration stage.
Pre-Filter Purification CartridgeX **No filter cartridge
Sand filters X **Eliminated in Proquip
Activated carbon purification X **Eliminated in Proquip
Micron filter (5 µ)X **Eliminated in Proquip
Hydro-cyclone filter√ **Replaces sand, activated carbon and micron filters. Maintenance free.
Activated magnesite filter√ **9 times better adsorption capacity. Located after the Hydro-cyclone filter to reduce maintenance of these elements.
Reverse osmosis√ *High pressure membrane
Water softener√ **I onizer
Booster pump√ **15 Bar high pressure pump
Ozone Generator
Ultraviolet√ **Optional at multiple dispensing points
Essential Minerals Filter (Nutrients for Life)√ **Excellent taste of Water, Patented German Technology.
Exterior features
TDS controller
Power required
Input voltage230-415 VAC, AC/50Hz
Input water pressure15 kg/cm2
Input water temperatureMax. 40 Celsius
W X L X H750x900x2000
More features
Auto re-flushing system√ **Optional
Chlorine dosingX **Optional
Auto sensors for pressure
Auto sensors for Water Level
Filter clog alarm√ **With auto clean facility
Excess Iron treatment√ **Optional
Fluoride treatment√ **Optional
Microbial treatment√ **Generally Ozone. UV if many dispensing stations are involved.
Excess Manganese treatment√ **Optional
Anti-scalant dosing pump
After sales service
Warranty period1 year
Panel board with instrumentation
Flow meter
Glycerin filled pressure gauge
Low pressure switch (1)
High pressure switch (1)
Digital Monitoring*Optional pH Correction system
Real time data recording√ **Monitoring flow rate, Recovery, Total flow, Hours of operation with digital multifunction display panel.
Starter (min 2 sets)
Power indicators (min 7)
Installation power~ 7.5 kw
Water Quality at OutputFresh Tasting mineralized water

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